Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bluejay Madness 2013

It's been a busy weekend for the full of basketball watching, new baby snuggling and birthday celebrating.  It's been one of those weekends where we just can't help but smile and count our blessings.

After being on the move both Friday and Saturday, we were able to have a nice quiet Sunday at home. We made a yummy breakfast, caught up on some things around the house and had lots of playtime.  Now we're getting ready to put on our game faces and cheer on our Creighton Bluejays as they play Duke in the 3rd round of the NCAA tournament.  


Practicing his ball handling skills...maybe we've got a future Bluejay on our hands??
Lots of smiles during our pre-bedtime, pre-game celebration.  He loves the rock that his buddy Laura painted for Charley's much so that he was giving it kisses before the big game on Friday!  THANKS Laura!
H was a little bummed when I told him that he couldn't stay up to watch the game.  Sorry bubba, bedtime is bedtime!  I promise we'll cheer extra hard for you!

A nice Jesuit university going up against a team called the "Blue Devils"??  Come on...this one seems a little too obvious!


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  1. OMG- if he is not just the cutest thing <3 <3