Saturday, March 30, 2013

Make Way for Duck Face

A few weeks back I sent a very random message out to some friends and family asking them their definition of "duck face."  They were encouraged to reply with either a standard text definition, picture or a combination of the two.  I wasn't quite sure what type of a response I would get, but I was optimistic that there would be some laughter involved. 

Duck face:  A face that insecure girls make to try to get attention.

Duck face:  The perking of the lips in a photo to make a woman appear to A) have lip implants B) be really cool C) be scrunching her nose to loosen boogers without the use of her hands.
This duck face picture was taken on a cell phone and never sent to me....until I got my hands on said phone and sent it myself!  Maybe my favorite.  (love you, Jilly!)
Like mother, like son...the Musil family knows how to rock the duck!
Sweet Pepper prefers sniffing a duck's face versus making duck face.
And Reggie like to put a little tongue in it.
I got one response with a picture of Herman "Duck" Phillips from Mad Men.
Technically speaking, I supose this counts as duck face.
Then there's the "Make Way for Ducklings" statue in the Boston Public Garden.  It has lots of little duck faces!
My brother-in-laws response made me feel a little nauseous...a bad plastic surgery duck face.  He kindly included 5 or 6 different examples, but I love you all too much to put you through that.
While all of these definitions are true in their own right, there is one little duck face that we have been seeing around the house quite a bit lately...

Harry and his girl friend Molly, duck face officionados.
He does this when something scares him (Grandma Debbie nailed that definition on the head!), when he's practicing blowing raspberries, and sometimes just at random times throughout the day.

Holy cow, he cracks me up.
 Harrison "Duck Face" Ritchie
 I fear he's turning into an insecure girl trying to get attention....
or maybe he just had a booger.
Either way...We love our little duck face!

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