Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family (Part 3)

This year has been a crazy one. I’ve experienced the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, incredible fear and elation. I’ve battled my emotions, loved more than I knew was possible and unearthed strength within myself that I never knew existed. I lived away from the support of my husband and the comfort of my own home. I experienced true sleep deprivation and the frustrations that every new mom does. Then I threw a new job into the mix.

Yes it was overwhelming, but never…not once…did I consider giving up. Know why??

My family.

I have a husband who is my rock. When my mind wants to stray in an “unhealthy” direction, he reminds me of all of the positives in our lives. He has put up with my somewhat schizophrenic personality (UP down UP down UP down) over the past year and loves me for who I am. He makes me laugh even when his sense of humor is more deserving of a roll of my eyes. He would do anything for Charlotte and I. He is my perfect match.

I have a daughter who is my everything. Her smile alone makes all of the craziness of this life worthwhile. At only 2 weeks she proved to be the strongest, most resilient little girl…yet at the same time is 100% reliant on the love and care from her daddy and me. Yes, there are challenging times, but she is worth every frustrated tear I have shed. She has opened my eyes to a bigger picture than the life that I was living before.

I have 2 dogs that from time to time drive me up the wall, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Our beagle is a lover who just wants to snuggle. She is sometimes too smart for her own good and can be quite mischievous! Our Aussie is like a little kid…rambunctious and always wanting to play. She is extremely loyal and can melt your heart with her big eyes.

I am thankful for Matt.
I am thankful for Charlotte.
I am thankful for Maybe and Stella.
But most of all, I’m thankful that we all ended up together.

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