Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pictures Galore

I don't have a whole lot to update on, so I thought that I would just share some pictures instead!

Charlotte is grand baby #6 on the Goeser side. No offense to the Rockows or Musils, but we think that her outfit today pretty much sums things up! (Thanks NamNam!)

While we're showing off gifts from NamNam...

Here are some more pictures from her "photo shoot" last weekend. Our neighbors had a nice little fall set-up, so Grandma Debbie and I teamed up to get some good shots.

We got that flower in 8 different colors...LOVE IT!

This isn't a great picture, but it shows what we were dealing with! Charley isn't 100% stable at this point. It was better when she fell to this side, because when she went to the other side she got a face full of dirt!

Still "patiently" waiting for Monday to come and go. Part of me can't wait to hear what the Omaha group has to say, the other part dreads it! We'll keep you updated as we hear anything.


  1. All of these pictures put a HUGE smile on my face. And Aubrey made me giggle too....

    She says, "are those snakes hanging by her face?" and "is Charlotte at the farm?" Hope her comments make you smile too.

    Love you all!

  2. Picture number 1 looks like daddy!!! Love the shirt!