Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Books for Charley

Wow!  Two posts in one day??  There must be some pretty important things going on in our world!  To those of you on Facebook this post may be "old news" but I wanted to share here as well because I am so super excited.

Last week I got an email from my cousin Tara that found me covered in goosebumps and with eyes full of tears before I was even two full sentences into it.  These weren't sad tears (for once!) but rather tears that resulted from a first-hand encounter with the generosity of others.  

Tara's message started out as follows...

"Ever since I heard about Charlotte earning her wings, I knew that I wanted to do something to honor her.  A couple of weeks ago I was at Borders buying a book and at the counter they asked me if I wanted to purchase a children's book for Children's Hospital.  I did it in honor of your little girl, but that wasn't enough."

Wasn't enough?  Where was she going with this?!  

She continued to tell me about an idea to take that simple book donation to a whole new level.  

Tara has 2 beautiful little girls who both celebrate summer birthdays.  For their party this year, they are asking that their guests each bring a book or 2 in place of gifts.  These books will then be given to Children's Hospital in memory of our little girl.  Wow--how cool is that?

As if the above wasn't awesome enough, Tara also turned her idea into a Facebook event entitled "Books for Charley."  This means that whoever you are, where ever you are, you are able to participate!  If you are on Facebook, just search for Books for Charley!  If you aren't on Facebook and are interested in donating an infant/children's book, please let me know and we can figure out a mailing/drop-off plan! 

As of right this very second, 185 people have stepped forward to take part in this event.  HOLY COW!  185 people?!   I mean, HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT?!  They might have to build the Charlotte D. Ritchie Memorial Library!  

Each book donated will get a special little sticker to honor Charley before making its way to the kiddos at Children's.  We are so thrilled that Tara is not only helping us honor Charlotte, but is also helping us give back to the hospital that allowed us to have one precious year together.

Charlotte may have only been with us for a short time, but it is becoming quite clear to us just how many people her story has touched...its actually quite overwhelming.  While our hearts continue to ache, Matt and I realize how blessed we were to be her Mommy and Daddy and fully intend to continue giving our little girl purpose in this world.  

We love you Bear, always and forever.


  1. Talk about tears and goosebumps...I am so happy that you have a way to visualize how loved your little girl is...and you and Matt too. I am so excited about all the people involved so far. Amazing. Beyond amazing. I totally agree about the library. And I am pretty sure my dining room table will very soon too:)

  2. Such a great idea!! I'm heading over to Facebook right now!! :)

  3. I'm absolutely going to send you something. This is such a sweet idea.