Monday, July 11, 2011

A Heart So Big

A few weeks ago I shared the lyrics to Coldplay's song "Fix You" that was played at Charlotte's memorial service.  I thought today that I would share just a line from the other song we played.  The whole song is great, but this line just seemed perfect.

And if you were with me tonight,
I'd sing to you just one more time.
A song for a heart so big,
God couldn't let it live.
May angels lead you in.

Jimmy Eat World
"May Angels Lead You In"


  1. I have never heard this song.. but absolutely wonderful! Bookmarked it to my home page.

  2. Kristen, I must say, the music you had chosen for her service was all so fitting & were the perfect songs!! I wish I could remember more of them :( We love you guys & wish we lived closer! (I'd come along and drive your cart for you at the grocery store.......AND MAYBE ram a few people for you!!) ( I have to be honest, when I read your title to your last blog.....Crazy Lady With a Cart.....all I could envision was a little old lady on a cart running into people........I had to giggle when I read the title.....needless to say, by the time I was done reading that blog, I was wiping away tears) Our hearts continue to ache for you & Matty, you're constantly on our minds.....we found ourselves looking at houses for sale in the Omaha area this weekend, wondering if we'd be able to find "the right home for the Ritchies!" Please know that we continue to pray that you'll both be granted some sort of peace and have strength to continue living each day, sharing Charley's story with others, teaching others how to "love wrecklessly", teaching us how to be amazing parents, friends, & soul mates!!! Sending ALL our Love!!!! P.S. We're hoping to see you guys in a couple of weeks....hang in there girlie!!!