Thursday, June 7, 2012

Books for Charley {2} - Lovin' on North Carolina!

This morning I sat down to do a little blog reading while I ate my Rice Krispies and I was so excited to see that there was a new post up on our friend Claire’s blog. I knew that Claire and her Mama were headed to a cardiology appointment at Duke and am always anxious to hear how things are going with our little heart buddies. Not only that, but I knew that they were taking a very special delivery along with them to this appointment….Books for Charley!

First off (and most importantly) I’m glad to report that little Claire had a GREAT appointment – so great in fact, that they don’t have to go back for a whole year! That's a HUGE milestone for heart kiddos who are accustomed to a life full of appointments. YAY, CLAIRE!

After her appointment, Claire and her Mama met with a Child Life Specialist to drop off 122 books that they collected for the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. These books will apparently become a part of a little “library” that they have there. If you read the original Books for Charley post on their blog, you might remember that they set a goal to collect 113 books – a book for each day that little Claire spent in the NICU and recovering from her multiple surgeries. Well, well, well…look who exceeded their goal!

Thank you so much Scott family for playing such a special part in this year’s Books for Charley collection. Here’s hoping that there are lots of extra smiles in the Duke Ped’s CICU today!

You can read more about Claire’s trip to Duke here.

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