Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby Bumpin' {36 weeks}

This morning Mr. Mister and I had a heart to heart chat. While our conversations are generally filled with all things “lovey dovey,” today I officially broke out my stern motherly voice…yes, I tried to intimidate my unborn child!

Today we officially hit the 36 week mark – that’s equal to 252 days of up close and personal mama-baby bonding time. As this little guy continues to grow bigger and stronger and the weather continues to get warmer and warmer, this lady here has gotten…well…let’s just say that every day I am more and more ready to have a baby in my arms versus a one jammed up in my ribcage! In the back of my mind there is a little voice shouting “YAY! Only one more week and this baby is FULL-TERM!” You know what I think of that little voice?? I think that it needs to shut the heck up and stop planting ideas in Mr. Mister’s head!

So let me highlight for you a few key points from our “heart to heart” this morning….

2) We are so excited to meet you, but STAY PUT.
3) Despite the intimidation tactics that I tried on your sister, she decided to grace us with her presence at 37 weeks, 1 day. Be a better listener than your sister. STAY PUT.
4) GRRRR….I am your Mama! Do what I say! STAY PUT.
5) P.S. I love you!

Totally reasonable, right?

 So….what’s going on here at 36 weeks?

We FINALLY have diapers! I think that my unpreparedness was starting to stress some people out and we were surprised to come home one day and find a package on our door step. Inside we found diapers, some books for baby boy and a birthday gift for Miss Charlotte. Thanks, Pospisil’s! You’re the greatest!

Essential laundry is done and my hospital bag is packed….ok, that’s a lie. Essential laundry is done and a stack of things that are intended to come to the hospital has started to form.

I have come to the conclusion that this child may not belong to Matt. My best bet is that his real dad is Chuck Norris – Lord knows that with the practicing he’s been doing that he’ll come out with one impressive round house kick. This Mama feels battered and bruised (though I secretly love every bump, thump and kick that he makes!).

I take back all of my earlier complaints of heartburn. Apparently I had forgotten what 3rd trimester heart burn is all about. If heartburn = hair, then I have a BAD feeling that the first time I see our baby boy he will look something like this….

And now I'm going to have nightmares...

One night a few weeks back I was sitting on the couch and Matt was laying with his feet stretched out my direction. Suddenly Mr. Baby decided to give me a big old nudge. Matt saw this and decided to return the favor. Baby nudge, Daddy nudge, baby nudge, Daddy nudge…it was in that moment that it dawned on me. I’m doomed – stuck between these two YAHOOS for the rest of my life! Then I smiled. How lucky am I??

If any of you are looking to hire a professional napper, I’m your girl! Our couch will serve as an excellent reference.

I officially caved and have started parking in the "New and Expectant Mothers" parking spots at the grocery store.  I know that its there for a reason, but there is still something inside of me that thinks "Really, Kristen?" every time that I do it...Then I get round house kicked to the ribs and sucker punched in my bladder simultaneously and my thoughts change!

We apparently didn't take a 36 week picture with Chuckles.  There is, strangely enough a 37 week one...but that will come next week.    

 Pluggin' away at 36 weeks with Baby #2.  I need to stop taking pictures at the end of the day when I'm most ready for a nap.  Poor Matt ends up having to take 200 pictures before we get one where I look kind of awake...then I decide that my hair looks terrible (hence the pony tail) and we start the process over again! 

Happy cooking baby boy!  Can't wait to meet you face to face in 3 sooner....


  1. I do hope that he stays put! Every week counts! And bless your heart if he comes out looking like that picture.... ;)

  2. I've always said you can use the Expectant Mother parking upon trying to conceive in said parking spot. Go on and use it girl!

  3. Matt would be totally jealous of that beard!