Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Books for Charley {2}: A Big Donation for the Big House

Being a Nebraska Cornhusker fan...this next sentence is a little hard for me to spit out.  Please forgive me Husker nation - Don't label me an outcast before I even take up residence in your lovely state.  Here goes nothing.....


I promise that I'm not turning into a Big 10 traitor, I'm just really excited to share another update on Books for Charley donations!

Remember our friend Aly?  If not, click here to go back and read a little more about her amazing story. She's a feisty little lady and if you read some of her mom's blog posts I'm sure you'll find yourself laughing at some of her crazy antics.  

As you all probably know, this year's "official" Books for Charley collection window spanned the entire month of May.  As things were coming close to an end, Aly's mom Jenny posted a reminder on their blog that there was still time to donate books to their collection that would eventually find its way to the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor.  I encourage you to go and read the post titled 264.  In it Jenny manages to explain something that I have tried to do many times before...but always felt like I've fallen a little short.  I think that a lot of heart moms, or anyone who has been thrust into a world of "sick" children, can relate to this beautiful explanation of WHY we become so consumed in a world that so often ends in heartache.  

Go read it.  Really.  Then come back.  I promise I'll wait.   GO ALREADY!!



Pretty darn good, huh?  Thats what I thought.

Anyway, that message was posted on May 30 and at that time the Michigan book collection had accumulated 264 books!  I was totally speechless.  With only 1 day left in May I figured that this would be pretty close to a "final" count, but boy was I wrong!  Only three days later I logged on to Facebook only to find this picture....

That, my friends, is what 300 books looks like!  My immediate response was combined shock and awe.  That was immediately followed with the thought "Oh my gosh, I bet they can't wait to have that part of their house back!"  Their original Books for Charley post mentioned a "goal" of 200 books and they exceeded it by 100!  Thats a lot of books! 

Thank you so much Lincoln family for everything that you did to make this year's (as well as last year's) collection such a success.  And a HUGE thank you to all of you who helped make the big "300" possible. Your continued support of our little girl and our family means the world to us.  I'm not sure when those big stacks of books will be finding their new home, but I DO know that they will bring smiles to a lot of little kiddos!  I love it.

For those of you keeping track....

122 books + 300 books = 422 books 

AND WE'RE JUST GETTING STARTED!  Later this week I hope to get a post up about our South Carolina donation and will also be taking a delivery to our local hospital here in Sioux Falls.  I realized that I REALLY needed to get that done considering we'll me loading up a moving truck in less than two weeks!  Craziness!

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