Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Miss...Oh How I Miss You

Little Miss Ritchie doesn't quite feel the same today. Usually I look forward to coming here to share our highs and "purge" our lows...but today I am forcing myself, and that breaks my heart even more than it already is.

Thank you all so much for the kind words, thoughts, prayers and support that you have shown us over the last 36 hours. I think that it goes without saying that Matt and I are operating in shock mode, totally knocked off of our feet at the drastic turn of events in our lives. It feels like a cruel joke that we could go from sunshine and this. Lucky for us, the same friends and family that have been lifting us up for the past 18 months swept in to help us through.

I wish that I had more to share, but at this point there are still a lot of unknowns. I just keep reminding myself that God has a plan for our brave little girl. She taught us so much in her short 12 months on Earth and the outpouring that we have had from all of you just shows us how powerful her story is.

A service to honor and celebrate our little lady will take place Friday at 1 PM at the John A. Gentleman funeral home at 72nd and Western in Omaha(visitation from 11-1). Burial will follow at Resurrection Cemetary just off of 78th and Center.


Please continue to pray for Mathew and I. While this initial "process" is gutwrenching, I know that things will be taken to a whole new level when we have to walk into our house in Sioux Falls and figure out how to begin picking up the pieces.


  1. Just as everyone else has said there are NO words that could possibly make things easier. You and Charley have been on all of our minds at work the past two days. We all have caught ourselves in tears thruout the day at just the thought of your pain. Prayers prayers and more prayers!!!!!!

  2. I have been thinking of you nonstop. I have come to your site a million times today. I can't get you off my mind. I hope you are doing okay. I honestly think Kale and Charlotte are having so much fun in Heaven. I keep praying for you over and over...many hugs and prayers being sent to you.

    Abbie Soneson

  3. I have been thinking about you both. I pray you find comfort from your dear friends and family at this time.

    Jenny Bergan

  4. Kristen - I have been sitting here trying to think of words to say that might make things ok. But the truth is there is none. I want to tell you God has a plan, but right now even I'm not even sure I believe that, I know deep down he does, but on the surface it is so hard to see that. It isn't fair, 12 months just isn't long enough. But I know that in that 12 months, little Charley felt enough love for 12 lifetimes. You now have an angel, with a whole heart, watching over you and Matt.

    I continue to pray for you guys. Love you, big hugs.

    Erin Grieme

  5. Kristen and Matt,
    I was at Creighton with Jill and have also been thru the shock and challenges of a daughter born with a heart defect. My heart is broken for you. I have seen many pictures of Charlotte on Facebook and I am certain she was happy, loved and adored beyond measure. Please take comfort in God and your family. So very sorry. Stephanie Grim; Cary,NC

  6. Kristen and Matt,
    Thinking and praying for you with great depth, your little miss ritchie makes me think of a song by Jimmy Eat World "Here You Me" the lyrics, "A song for a heart so big, God wouldn't let it live, may angels lead you in". I will continue to pray for you and your family during this ever so painful time.
    Lori Sternhagen

  7. Kristen and Matt, I am so so sorry for your loss. God does have a plan for all of us. She's sitting on her Granpa's knee, both smiling.

    Keeping all of you in my prayers.

    Brian Ernst

  8. I have never even met you or your sweet precious baby girl. My heart aches for you and your family. I am praying for you and I have no words to express my sympathies. Your daughter was and is SO beautiful. Heaven is also more beautiful because of her. Please know you are being lifted up in prayer!

  9. I just learned of this news and I am so deeply saddened by your loss. I know there are no words that I could possibly share to make your grief any easier. All I can do is offer my prayers to your family during this time! Thinking of you today!

  10. What to say and will it even help? I feel such a deep sadness and a longing to make everything better. I know that I can’t because that is the work of our Heavenly Father. I count it a great blessing and privilege to have shared an office next to you and to have had the opportunity to share in Charley’s life through our interaction. I was talking to Darla Tuesday after we heard and wondered out loud why God made us neighbors. Darla and I were supposed to have offices next to each other but then pharmacy needed an office. You were supposed to be down by Heme, so I was told, and then you were next to me or I was next to you Dr. Ritchie. Why did we both have the same cardiac surgeon and why did we both go to Omaha Children’s? I am trying to make sense of it all. Right now I can’t but I see the hand of God and His acute attention to details. How he brings people to a season of life so that they can share experiences. I know that I needed your support and I hope that I have been a support to you.
    I say all of this because I am fearful that in your extreme pain you will struggle to see the hand of God and how deeply He cares for you. I don’t understand but I know that He is good! - this may be the wrong thing to say right now but in the last year all I have had to hold onto is truth. I have wondered at the details of life. How things are orchestrated. I smile through the tears that the creator of the universe cared so much that He made us coworkers and friends. He loves you and Charley and I know you know this but don’t let go of it! God is good all the time and He never changes. He is the one constant in an ever changing world and He has not forsaken you. I am not comparing my experience to yours because I cannot empathize in even the slightest way. I am just trying to offer a gift of friendship and encouragement.
    Prayers in the midst of the storm,
    Dan Norfolk

  11. So incredibly sorry for what you're going through. Our hearts ache for you guys, please know we are praying for you all the time. Charley is the most beautiful baby girl. Our deepest sympathies.

    Keeping you in our prayers,
    Jeff & Andrea Wigfield

  12. Kristen and Matt,

    I work with your sister Jill and just wanted to let you know that I loved all of the stories that I got to hear about your beautiful Charley. Since hearing the news, my heart has just been breaking for you. I know that nothing can be said to make your pain any easier, but I wanted to write so that you can see how many people you and Charley have touched. I will be thinking of you and your Family tomorrow.

    Jenni Moreno

  13. Kristen,

    You do not know me! But I feel I know you & Matt through your lovely daughter who tugged at my heart with every smile & those bright eyes.
    I am expecting my first baby and Ann is daignosed prenatally with PA/IVS. While reading up about this one day I happened to come across your lovely posts. I followed your post religiously to know how Charlie was doing.
    I understand and know how hard its going to be for you & Matt. I hope God guide you and your family through this path towards a peaceful place where you can enjoy Charlies memories without tears but Gods shining love!! God bless you and Charlie as she is always going to be in spirit in you.

  14. Kristen and Matt,
    I am so sorry for your loss!! You and your family are in my heart and I am praying for your strength especially today!! I have been following you blog through our moms, and had fallen in love with your little lady! Her beautiful bright eyes and warm smile seem contagious!!! I will continue to pray for you to have strength as you return to your home with Charley now as your guardian angel.
    God bless you!!!
    Renee (Chamberlain) Beaton

  15. Kristen and Matt,

    I am truly sorry for your loss. Charolette is really going to be missed at the daycare. Please know we have been thinking continuiously about you and your family at this time. Many tears have been shed for you. May God watch over you now and always. Thinking of you.

    Nora Haigh

  16. Kristin,
    My heart is aching for you and your hubby.I was working in the peds clinic when I heard that she was at the hospital. I've been praying for you and your family during the day and night as God has been nudging me to pray. I don't know if you have heard the song "Held" by Natalie Grant, but it is so good. It is a reminder to all of us that you are being held. When everthing goes wrong He's right there with you no matter what. He's always there, He's grieving with you. What a comfort to know that the One who created your precous Charlotte is holding her right now. There's a plan here Kristin...I don't know what it is, but I trust Him...praying that you will cling to Him. Lifting you up to the only One who can give you the comfort that you need....Lots of hugs....Lynette Vanderhoff

  17. Kristin and Matt,
    I just learned of your very, very sad news and my heart is broken for you. There truly are no words to help right now; just know that you are being lifted up in prayer. My little guy Aaron had the same broke heart as Charlotte and I imagine he was there to welcome her home. Praying that you will somehow feel these prayers and God's comfort and peace as your hearts ache for your beautiful little one. Much love to you both... Danielle

  18. I have only met your family throught short conversations on the phone at work or when you would come to the office to see Sami or Will. What a beautiful little girl Miss Charlotte is... I know I dont have the words to take away your pain but please know that my family is praying for you and Matt. Hoping that you find the calmness is your grief knowing that our heavenly father has great plans for you and matt and even miss charlotte. What a precious baby girl. Please know that we are all thinking of you everyday and praying for you.

  19. I am so very sorry for your loss. It's such a shock--Charlotte looks so healthy in those pictures of her on the swing. I can't imagine what you're going through right now but please know you're in my heart, thoughts and many prayers. I just learned of Charlotte's passing this morning. Your recent comment on our blog while we were in the hospital with our daughter was so sweet and I've had reading your entire blog on my "to-do list" and will do this today, in honoring your sweet girl. Again, I'm so very sorry. May you find some peace in all of this.
    God bless you.
    Katie (Maddie's mom, HRHS)

  20. You will always be in every ones heart and you were and beautiful baby i miss and luv her