Friday, June 24, 2011

Prayer Request

My cousin and her family were on their way back from a vacation in California when they made an unexpected detour to a hospital in Minneapolis. Turns out that little Luke has a ruptured appendix and a pretty nasty infection. Here is Erin's latest update...

"The surgeon just updated us...they removed 22cc of pus from the abscess in his tummy...he will have a drain tube releasing the infection for 3-14 days...antibiotics for 6 weeks then they will remove his appendix in Omaha once he is fully clear of infection. Thanks for the prayers...please keep them coming!"

Please keep the Alber's family and all of those involved in Luke's care in your prayers!

As for us...we're heading back to Omaha for the weekend. College World Series game for Matt tonight and a pee-wee tournament for me! I think that mine will be just as fun!


  1. Thinking of little Luke & family, hopefully a quick recovery x

  2. Prayers for Luke & family.

    We were in Omaha the last few days, had no clue it was the College World Series. Until we checked into our hotel and there was an insane amount of prepubescent boys running around.