Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cookies with Santa {2014}

Santa, Santa, Santa.  How can you be so insanely jolly, yet at the same time elicit so much fear when children confront you face to face?  Someday I'm sure that we'll have a successful "sit on Santa's lap" experience...but this sure as heck wasn't the year. 

It was pretty obvious from the get go that Santa wasn't going to be able to handle both Ritchie boys at the same time, so we decided to start with Max.  I'll let his face in the pictures below tell the story.
 I am SO in love with this picture.  Best. Santa. Ever.
 Potentially scarred for life...
 Next up was Harrison.  Equally terrified. Equally anti-Santa.

 In the end, however, he was able to spit out that he wanted cars for Christmas...and even snuck in a high-five.  I'm pretty sure there was candy cane bribery involved.

We love you, Santa!  HoHoHo!

{A HUGE thank you to our friends at Heart Heroes for yet another wonderful Cookies with Santa event.  Every detail was perfect...the quaint coffee shop location, the sweet snacks, the presents for our kiddos.  What you do for our local heart community...and for our nothing short of amazing.}

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