Monday, December 8, 2014

EKG Update

On November 20th Matt and I took Harrison to Omaha Childen's Hospital for an EKG to get some insight into the workings of his little heart.  Even though our hearts were telling us that everything was perfectly perfect, there were a few "hmmmm" moments that had been keeping my already paranoid mind on edge.  We operate on a "better safe than sorry" moto here these days, and figured since we would probably have an EKG done later anyway (before getting involved in sports, etc), we decided that it made sense to do it now and to put our minds at ease.

We wanted to make sure that Harrison was well prepared (as well as you can prepare a 2 year old) for what was to come the day of his appointment.  We told him that we were going to go see a doctor and that he was going to listen to his heart.  We told him that they were going to put stickers on his belly so that they could see how healthy his heart was.  We even covered his chest with fun stickers at home so that he wouldn't freak out when it was time for the real deal. 

All of our preparation paid of and Harrison did AMAZING.  You can tell by the look on his face that he definitely wasn't thrilled about the whole process...but he didn't shed a single tear during the test.  Anyone who has been through an EKG with a kiddo knows that staying calm helps things move along much more quickly than if there's kicking and screaming involved.
 Robo Harry

 Harrison decided (on his own) that his Charley Bear should come to the appointment with him.  I thought that this was the sweetest thing.

Bear is always near when he needs her the most.

I'm thrilled to report, for those who don't already know, that Harrison's EKG was absolutely perfect.  We expected nothing different, yet at the same time it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of our shoulders to have confirmation.  

His heart is strong.
Our hearts are full.

{Thank you for all of the thoughts, prayers and kind words that you sent our way leading up to Harrison's EKG and in celebration of our good news.  I hope that as he gets older Harrison realizes the insane amount of love that surrounds him.}  

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