Thursday, December 11, 2014

LRSH Christmas Program {2014}

Tonight we had the opportunity to attend a Christmas program at Max and Harrison's school.  We love Little Red School House and were so excited to see Harrison and his adorable little classmates all dolled up for the big event.  In my mind I figured it would go one of two ways.  1) Harrison would be a total clown, showing off for all to see or 2) MELTDOWN.  The pictures below tell the story.

 If you guessed would be correct.  This little guy has never been happier to be back in his daddy's arms.  

Despite all of the tears, it was a fun night.  There was singing, dancing, kiddos doing everything except what they were supposed to be doing.  It was everything a Christmas program is supposed to be!  We love all of our friends/teachers at Little Red and are so grateful for all of the love and patience they show our boys.  It was obvious that a lot of hard work and preparation went into tonight and they should all be applauded!  

And just an FYI - On our way home tonight Harrison told me "Mommy, I do good at my pwogwam" and proceeded to give me an encore performance of  the "Reindeer-Pokey."  Better late than never, baby boy.  Better late than never.

Here's to the start of a fun-filled holiday season!

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