Friday, December 5, 2014

In the Kitchen

Harrison is becoming such a good "helper" in the kitchen these days.  Yes, when he plays sous chef things get a little more messy, take a little bit longer, and require a lot more patience...but having him by my side makes my time in the kitchen feel so much more meaningful.  His favorite parts of baking include dumping ingredients into the bowl (and onto the counter) and spreading "dirt" aka any crumbly topping.  

"I help you, mommy."
 Like mother like son - look at his little tongue peeking out of his mouth as he concentrates on applying his "dirt" to our pumpkin bread!

Full hearts.  Full bellies.  So thankful for my little helper! 

{Side note - The pictures above were taken shortly before Thanksgiving.  I'm not a fan of pumpkin, but Matt is and "tis the season."  The first time I ever tried making pumpkin bread it came out of the oven looking amazing.  I even took a loaf over to our new neighbors.  Then I came home, cut into the loaf I kept behind, and much to my dismay the inside was a sloppy mess.  AHH!  Nothing like welcoming people to the neighborhood with undercooked bread!  Soo...above is attempt #2.  I tried a new recipe and baked it for almost 30 minutes longer than what the recipe called for.  It looked/smelled amazing and the old toothpick test told me that it was ready to come out of the oven.  WRONG.  The stupid thing still wasn't cooked!  Anyone have pumpkin bread advice for me?  I've made plenty of different quick breads before and never had issues.  Am I just not meant to make this kind??  I hate to admit defeat, but I also hate throwing our hard work in the trash!}  

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