Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another Double Digit Celebration

Three kiddos.  Three double digit posts.  Three slap-me-in-the-face moments as I sit at my computer and realize that my baby is running full speed toward toddlerhood.  Its bittersweet.  I look back at pictures of Maxo as a squishy newborn and I hardly recognize him.  These days he's a whole lot less "baby" and a whole lot more curious big boy.   Each day holds new adventures, and we are having so much fun in this new, constantly changing phase of life....but a part of my heart is still screaming SLOW DOWN!

Here's the skinny on Sir Maximo at 10 months old. 

{Melt my Heart}  There is something about you, sweet Maxwell, that can melt my heart with a single glance.  You have the happiest little personality and the best grin ever.  You love to snuggle (on your own terms) and give the sloppiest open mouth kisses.  

{A Man on the Move}  Holy moly are you keeping us on our toes these days!  You've finally abandoned (for the most part) your army crawl and are a little speed demon on your hands and knees.  You are busy busy busy and always exploring.  You love to stand and are a pro at walking along furniture.  Very few things are safe from your reach at this point!

{Couch Crazy}  You turn into somewhat of a maniac when we put you on the couch, crawling at top speed from one end to the other, scaling pillows along the way and attempting to launch yourself over the side.  I have a feeling that you are going to be more of a daredevil than your brother!

{This Little Piggy}  You made the official transition to table food and are loving it!  Just like big brother Harrison, you are a big fan of beans, peas and corn...and you can never go wrong with a tray full of fruit.  All of that eating means that you are still growing like a weed.  You can still fit into some 9 month clothes, but 12 month seems to give a little more breathing room for that big belly of yours.  Last weekend I weighed you and the scaled showed 21.5 lbs.  

{Brotherly Love}  We're starting to see a very playful relationship form between you are your big brother.  Yes, we still hear a lot of "no, no Maxo!" but its been balanced out a little with toy sharing, impromptu hugs, crawling races and blanket parties in the kitchens.  I know that we are going to have our fair share of disagreements between our 2 strong-willed boys, but in my heart of hearts I know that you are going to be best friends.
{Just a Little More...}  You love to play "catch" and will occasionally say "BaBaBa" when you pick up a ball!  You take 2 awesome naps at home, but most days refuse to sleep longer than an hour at school.  There are WAY too many fun things happening in your big boy wobbler room to waste time sleeping!  You love bath time.  You still don't have any teeth, but I'm guessing that there will be FOUR of them popping through sometime soon.  You are a drool monster these days and constantly want to chew on things.  

Maxwell Thane {10 months}

This month proved to be a challenge when it came to taking pictures.  Matt was down entertaining big brother, Maxo was tired and covered with food/drool, and there were random toys thrown everywhere.  Pardon the quality - just focus on the cute behind the chaos!
Hmmmm what's over here...
 Ooooo and over here, too....
See what I mean when I say that nothing is safe anymore?

 Drool covered, food covered, chew on everything because I'm getting teeth, Maxo.

Welcome to the double digit club Mr. Max!  We love you so very, very much!

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