Thursday, December 11, 2014

Halloween in December

Every year around this time you start hearing more and more talk about New Year's resolutions.  I've never been very good at making (and sticking to) resolutions for the new year, so this year I've decided to do something a little bit different.  Today I'm declaring my OLD Year's resolution.  Yup, you heard me right.  Old Year.  There are 10 days left in 2014, but I don't quite feel like I'm in the right place to say goodbye.  This blog has forever been my journal...its a baby book for my kiddos, a therapist for my heart, a chronicle of the day to day happenings of the Ritchie family.  In 2014 I feel like I really lost my footing when it came to this space.  I have a list of moments that I hold near and dear to my heart...but most of the items never made the transition from list to blog.  

And I'm not ok with that.

So hear you have it, my Old Year's resolution for the last 10 days of 2014...

Drumroll please....

To catch up.

Some posts might have extensive narratives.  Some might just be big ol' photo dumps.  Either way, I'm bound and determined to get our family's special moments from 2014 onto Little Miss Ritchie!

First up, Halloween.  Matt and I were drinking cocktails on the beach in the Dominican Republic over Halloween this year, so our boys got to spend some quality time with all of their grandparents.  They were at NamNam and PopPop's house for Trick or Treating, and from the looks of these pictures, they had a great time!

Baby Clark Kent

 PopPop and the boys
Looks like our little construction worker stole Clark's glasses.

 Eyeballing cousin Benson's M&Ms

 Rumor has it Harrison was NOT a big fan of this cat.  

Harrison perfected his trick or treating process (I knock knock knock on da door, den I say Twick o tweat and dey give me CANDY!) and still talks about when we was a "construction guy."  While I'm sad that we missed it all, I'm kind of glad that someone else got to deal with the sugar high that I'm sure occurred that night!  Happy INSANELY LATE Halloween from the Ritchie boys!  

1 post closer...

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