Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Just a Trim

Maxo, much like his big sister and brother, was born with a head full of hair. 
He went through a bit of an awkward "transitional" phase where it seemed like his head was growing too quickly for his hair to keep up....
but by mid summer his bald patches were gone, and in their place was a much lighter (and a little more "ginger") head of hair.
And while he lost most of that early baby hair...there were a few strands right up on top that stuck around for the long haul, growing longer and longer with each passing day.  They had a mind of their own...flopping here and there and acting like a little baby comb-over.  It was a little ridiculous.  

 One day in October I decided that enough was enough and set out to give our littlest guy his very first haircut.  There wasn't much to it...just a few snips up top...but it made a pretty huge difference.  
He looks thrilled, yes?

 This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever.  Pouty Max.  Eek I think I got to short mom.  
 They always say not to run with scissors.  I think running with them is probably a better idea than using them to give a haircut to a newly mobile baby who isn't restrained in any way shape or form.  I thought it would be quick and easy but Mr. Max had other things (namely escaping) on his mind!
Farewell flop.  Hello handsome.

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