Sunday, December 28, 2014

Maxwell Thane {11 months}

December has been a month full of activity.  Santa visits.  Christmas programs.  Gingerbread house making.  Present wrapping (and un-wrapping!).  Holiday celebrations.  And last but not least, today we're celebrating 11 way-too-fast months with our little Maxo! Yes, you read that right.  Mr. Max is ELEVEN months old.  Each month passes a little more quickly...each bringing more big boy moments and milestones.  And as much as I miss that snuggly little baby of ours, I'm quickly remembering how much I love this age.  So as we make our final approach to the one year mark (sob!) here's a little recap of what our sweet 11 month old has been up to.

{Busy Boy} We somehow forgot how insane this age can be!  It is SO much fun, yet exhausting at the same time.  You, sweet Max, are one busy little boy and are always on the go.  You walk along furniture and walls, love chasing your brother, and want to have your little hands in everything!  You discovered the stairs this month and love to "sneak" over to them as often as possible.  You know that you're not supposed to climb on them, and that makes them all the more desirable.  You let out the loudest giggles and take off at top speed when you see us coming to steal you away from them!

There is such a thing as being TOO curious.

{Ears}  Unfortunately, you spent most of the last month dealing with a yucky ear infection.  You started on antibiotics shortly after Thanksgiving and have been on them ever since.  We tried 2 different oral antibiotics before finally giving you a shot of Rocephin in the doctor's office just after Christmas.  Apparently you've got a resistant little bug!  Through it all, though, you've remained a pretty happy guy.  So tough.

{Chompers}  Adding to the "yuck" mentioned above, you also decided to FINALLY start cutting some teeth this month.  You've for 1 big one through on top, 1 on the bottom, and 2 more trying to push their way thru.  Needless to say you've been a slobbery mess lately!

{Soooo Big}  You are tipping the scales at a whoppin' 23 pounds.  That's only 3 pounds less than where your brother was at 18 months!

{Jibber Jabber}  We've noticed that you talk a whole lot more when your ears are healthy.  Having said that, its pretty obvious that your last round of antibiotics is finally kicking in.  You have a new-found love for screeching back and forth with your brother and are constantly babbling.  You can say "uh oh," "ho-ho-ho," "ba" (ball) and do your best to "moo" whenever you see a cow.  Little baby voices are the best.

{Odds and Ends}  You love bath time, despite the constant splashing from your brother.  Now if only I could get you to stay sitting during the whole process.  You don't quite understand the whole concept of "slippery when wet" and it makes me super nervous!  You have THE fluffiest hair I've ever seen, especially the day after a bath.  You are a pro at giving high fives, but are adamantly against giving your mama kisses.  Your favorite food is our remote control.  You've started to realize when you are being silly - giggling, making goofy faces, covering your eyes like you're being bashful - I have a feeling that we're going to have another little ham on our hands.

Maxwell Thane {11 months}

Happy monthaversary baby boy!  
You melt my heart every single day and I'm so thankful 
that God chose me to be your mama.

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