Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eleven Months and Counting

I'm in total denial that I'm already sitting down to write a post about my ELEVEN month old son.  Almost a year ago we packed our belongings, moved to Lincoln and 3 days later welcomed Harrison into our lives.  Now we find ourselves, a year later, preparing for another move and getting ready to celebrate his first birthday.  What a crazy year!

This month has been all about exploring.  Sir Harrison is constantly on the go and is loving his new found independence.  There's no denying that our little guy is leaving his baby stage behind and going full throttle toward toddlerhood.

Big developments this past month??

WE'VE GOT TEETH!  When Charlotte was a year old, she had a teeny tiny little corner of white poking through her gums, so I wasn't expecting to see your chompers for a while to come.  Two came through back to back and now you seem to be taking a little break.  

In the past month I have called you "Harrison Paul" more than I did in the 10 preceding months combined.  "Harrison Paul...that food is for the puppies."  "Harrison Paul...the carbon monoxide detector is not for little boys."  "Harrison Paul...we do not play with cords, the buttons on the cable box, or remote controls."  "Harrison Paul, please don't put that mulch in your mouth!"  Sometimes all that I have to do is clear my throat and you snap your head around to find me, realizing that you've been caught in the act!

You love to play "fetch" with your puppy, Maybe...though I don't think that she gets the greatest workout from your games.  
You are a speedy little guy!  It's the funniest thing to watch you crawl across the room at top speed...mostly because you pant like a dog the whole time!

One of the best parts of my day is when your daddy comes home.  Not because I'm glad to have the extra set of hands, but because of how excited you are to see him.  You flash him a killer grin, say "hhhaaaaaa" and make a bee line his direction.  Melt this mama's heart!

You LOVE books and I'll often spy you just sitting quietly by yourself flipping through their pages.  Favorites?  Ten Little Ladybugs and So Big (Elmo).  

You've got a ways to go before walking, but this month your confidence grew and you are officially pulling up on to things.  Your puppies are starting to realize that there are very few places that they can hide from you these days!

All of your laughs are belly laughs.  It's the best sound in the entire world.

Boy oh boy, do you like to eat!  Bananas, peas, quesadillas, spaghetti, toast....the list goes on and on!  That might help explain why I find myself dressing you in 12-18 month clothes.

Other highlights?  You constantly try to eat mulch, love to play outside, went on swings for the first time, continue to sleep like a rockstar (though bedtime seems to be getting later now that the sun stays out longer), squirm, splash and are constantly on the move in the bathtub, always get compliments on how "cool" your hair is (!), started showing your shy side - burying your head into my shoulder when someone new approaches us, throw a tantrum every single morning when I try to change your diaper.

I thought that getting Harrison to sit still for pictures this month was going to be the most challenging to date, but I was pleasantly surprised at how cooperative he was (for about 2 minutes!).   We took a record low 7 pictures and they might be my favorite so far!

His chubby little legs are the best!
Such a happy little guy 
 Mr. Giggles
 One last picture before he managed to wiggle out of his chair!

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  1. LOVE! What an amazing (and busy) eleven months you have had Harrison Paul!