Saturday, May 18, 2013

This is Where We'll Keep Our Stuff

Things are moving along, slowly but surely, out at the ol' homestead.  There have been a few hiccups in our timeline (which are driving me insane), but so far we've been told that our closing date is still well within reach.  I feel like I've been incredibly patient up to this point, but as we get closer and closer, I really just want things to move forward as planned!

A few weeks back they came and installed all of our cabinets (mudroom, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry). Trim was supposed to start the following Monday...two weeks later it's actually going to happen.  Rather than sit here and stew about it (which I REALLY want to do), I thought that I would share some pictures!  All of the wood that you see is still unfinished.  We opted for a shade of white for the cabinets/trim throughout--wish us luck keeping it all clean with a messy little boy in the house!

Mudroom - There will be hooks across the back for y'all to hang your coats on when you come to visit.  
Living room view from kitchen
Kitchen - I'm already planning our first home cooked meal and envisioning family congregating around our huge center island.  The kitchen is really the heart of the home, right?!
 I've never really understood the fascination with huge whirlpool tubs, so we had them remove the one originally in our plans and replaced it with a wrap around vanity for yours truly.  Call me lazy, but I'm super excited to have a chair to sit in while I dry my hair in the morning! 
 This is where our double vanity was supposed to be (before we took out the tub).  Now it's been transformed into a linen cupboard and a space for Matt to make himself all pretty.  We had ZERO storage in our old master bath, so this will be a huge change for us!

Little by little things are coming together and this frame of wood and drywall is starting to look like the place we'll call home.  Each day I get a little bit more excited and often catch myself daydreaming about the love that will fill these rooms.  We're so ready to have that settled feeling again, and to start making memories in this new place.  So close now....

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