Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kristen Versus the Trees

With all of these "Month of Chuck" posts, I feel like I'm falling way behind on my "everything else" posts!  While my intention is to have Little Miss Ritchie be a tribute to Charlotte for the whole month of May, I figured that I should keep up-to-date on everything else that is keeping us busy these days...#1 being the 3.2 acres of land that we're building on.  Holy cow, why didn't anyone warn us about how much work this was going to be!?!  As you saw in our berm make-over pictures, things had been pretty neglected out at the lot, and we've got our work cut out for us to get things back into shape.  Last week I decided to tackle the trees that line the north side of the lot.

I shared this photo on Facebook with the caption "Today it's me vs. the trees.  I'd like my odds a whole lot more if there weren't a million of them."  While a million might have been a bit of an exaggeration, the 20 trees that stood in front of me posed quite the challenge.  There were saplings, weeds and unwanted grass growing EVERYWHERE.
As overwhelming as it was, those trees were no match for this girl! 
By the end of the day, things were looking a WHOLE lot better! 
 My gloves, on the other hand, were not.  Not to self, do not buy $1 gloves at Dollar General.  My finger was poking through after 2 trees!  
 Apparently while our lot sat empty, it was decided that it would make a good dumping ground for crap that people no longer wanted.  I spent a good chunk of time picking up appliance boxes, an old ant covered folding table, and this rusty old basketball hoop (for sale to the highest bidder!)
 While I'm selling things (!), this beauty is up for grabs as well.  You just have to make sure that you don't land on any of the holes.  Oh, and an up-to-date tetanus shot is highly recommended.
 Trampolines not your thing?  Maybe you would want this "next to new" play set.  Yes, it is missing legs on one side, the slide, swings and a rock climbing wall, but it DOES come with its very own bench.  Yikes!

As you can see...there is just a little bit of work to be done at the ol' homestead.  We've been telling ourselves that we need to attack it one project at a time, and that there is no need to have everything done at once, but sometimes that's easier said than done!  The good thing is, once we're all settled in our new place, we're not going anywhere for a long, long, LONG time!

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