Friday, May 24, 2013

The Little Things

Today's post is a double dipper...I'm counting it as both Thursday and Friday's Month of Chuck.  While I had good intentions of a separate post for each day, sometimes life happens and things don't work out as planned.  Sometimes you have a crazy little boy to chase around the house and subsequently snuggle when he bonks his head a thousand times.  Sometimes you sit down at the computer and stare at a scribbled list of topics, and the words just won't come.

Last night after tucking Harrison in for the night, I sat down and started watching some old Charlotte videos.  Our old Flip camera sorts all of the videos you upload by month...and I quickly noticed that during May 2011, I took more videos of our little girl than I did any other month before then.  Our last month with Charlotte...the most memories captured on video.  So bitter sweet...had I known, I would have filmed every minute of every day.

I watched video after video.  
Soaked in every detail that was her.

Those socks she's wearing at 1 year old?  They fit Harrison at 3 months.  She had the tiniest little feet.

Oh, poor baby and her bruised thighs.  She took those Lovenox shots like a champ.

Her noisy much quieter than the squawking sound she made when we first brought her home.  

Her purple nail beds...more purple than I remembered.
Her rosy cheeks, goofy expressions, big beautiful eyes.

Potsy...a toy that Harrison plays with every day.  What a silly girl stirring its contents with her little feet.

Then there's her little chuckle after she quietly says "moo."  Always cracking herself up.


I don't know what made me pick up the camera that day to film such an average, everyday moment...but I thank God that I did.  

Oh, baby girl.  I miss you with all my heart.  


  1. You are so brave. I cannot look at videos of Madilynn yet. I even have a hard time with pictures. Charlotte was such a beautiful and precious girl. Always remembered.


    1. I totally get it, Amy. I sit down to watch them, and then find myself questioning if it was a good idea or not. I need the reminders, but then I'm in a funk the rest of the day. Thank you, as always, for your sweet words. I hope that you guys are doing well. We think of you and sweet Madilynn often and I know that our little girls are having so much together in Heaven. <3

  2. She is so pretty. I know you miss her tremendously.