Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bad Hair Day?

In all of my "free time" lately (haha) I've been daydreaming about what Charlotte's little brother is going to look like.  Will he be the masculine version of our little girl with big cheeks and big eyes?  Will he have the same shorty short short legs?  Will he come out with a full head of hair like his sister?  I kind of forget that not ALL babies are born with the full mop of hair that Charlotte was - sometimes I'll see little bald babies and am almost caught off guard!  

Where is their hair!?  

The more I thought about this, the more obvious it became to me that I needed to do a light hearted weekend blog dedicated Little Miss's CrAzY hair!  :) 

By less than 1 month old she was already sporting a pretty sweet faux hawk.
Daddy got scolded one day for using "product" to create this masterpiece.
Holy fluffy hair!  If I remember correctly, one of her aunts may have contributed to this look.
Not sure WHAT was going on here!  
Judging by the look on Charlotte's face, she wasn't so sure either.
A first time for everything.
Sporting some piggies.
Sigh...I definitely passed my "humidity-intolerant" hair on to her.
Congestion = steam filled bathroom = pure hair insanity
What usually started out as a very nicely groomed hair-do 
usually ended up looking a little disheveled!
Hello volume!
Can you say bed head?
Perfectly messy...just how we liked it!
Out.Of.Control. (Mommy may have contributed to the craziness in these!)
Food in my hair?  What are you talking about?
One side was always a little crazier than the other.  Can you guess which?
 Here come the curls!  

It really didn't matter what we did - her hair was beyond control.  What looked very "put together" one minute could instantly transform into...well...what you saw above!  Spunky hair for a feisty little girl!  It fit her perfectly.  

Now we just sit back and wait to see if Mister Mister carries on the family tradition.

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