Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Little Butterfly

I got this message back in December but wanted to wait for the perfect time to share it.  I knew that May was going to be tough and that I wanted to fill the whole month with beautiful memories of Miss Charlotte.  Nothing says beauty like this story from Charlotte's aunt Kristen.  I still get tears and goosebumps every time that I read it. 

"The week before halloween I stopped to see Charley and give her a little pumpkin puppy. It was a perfectly clear day out, chilly but the sun was shining bright. I was sitting on the ground next to her, reading her a book (I always do) and the shadow from her vase was stretching across the pages as I read. All of the sudden a shadow from a butterfly came fluttering across the book, right along the vase shadow. I just smiled and said, "I'm so glad you are here!" I looked up to see the butterfly, and there was none in sight...anywhere! My eyes filled up with tears, and I kind of lost my breath for a minute. The shadow was big, so I know she was close, but there really wasn't a butterfly anywhere in sight....I looked and looked. I will never ever forget how she made me feel that day : )

She really is here with all of us, especially her mom and her dad, every day."

THANK YOU, Kristen...for so many reasons. I love that you visit her. I love that you read to her. I love that you FEEL her with you.
Charlotte was so incredibly lucky to have such a Krazy aunt!

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