Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fun with the Rockows

In one entire year, I can count on 2 hands the number of times that Matt and I left Charlotte alone with someone other than ourselves or her daycare family.  We lived 3 hours away from grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles, and really weren't comfortable with the thought of leaving Charlotte with a babysitter.  Heck, lets be honest, even when there WAS family around, leaving our little girl brought on some serious separation anxiety.  Its not that I didn't TRUST the people watching her, it was more that I never really gave myself the chance to get used to leaving her....after all, I was super-mom...right?  (Note to self - Kristen, you're a moron!)

You would think that by the time we hit the one year mark that I would have been totally relaxed leaving her with family for a few hours. HA!  If you thought that, you would be wrong!  On the morning of Charlotte's 1st birthday, Matt and I went to his sister's graduation and left our little lady with her Aunt Lindsey.  FYI- Lindsey has 3 kids of her own.  She's taken care of her fair share of 1 year olds--which makes it ridiculous that I was anything other than totally relaxed leaving Charlotte in her care.  Even though I knew that everything was going to be perfectly fine, I still found myself concerned that she wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, wouldn't stop crying because she missed super mom and dad so much!  (Again, Kristen - you're a moron!)  

Summary of events:  CHARLOTTE SURVIVED WITHOUT US!  HOLY COW!  Who would have seen that one coming!?  Not only that, but in her short time at the Rockow house they created some pretty awesome memories.  In the words of my sister...

I am SO glad that the kids and I got to spend the morning with Charlotte on her 1st birthday.  Even though we spent just a few hours with her while her mommy and daddy were away, we managed to snap some cute pictures, make Charlotte giggle a lot, eat, take a nap and even capture a little bit of her happiness and giggles on video.  Ben sure had a way with her!  One of the best moments for me was rocking Charlotte to sleep for her morning nap.  I was told she would be restless if I tried, but my soft sweet singing and rocking put her to sleep with no problems at all.  I rocked Charlotte, stroked her sweet chubby cheeks and just smiled.  It was such a calm and sweet time with Charlotte, one I will hold in my heart always.  Thank you Kristen for having me babysit that morning!  I am thankful every day!

Here are some pictures from that morning.  

One of my all time favorites...Chuckles and Aubrey...the 2 girlies in the family.  
I'm 1000% positive that they would have been best buddies.
 Chuckles and Ben
 Chuckles and Jacob

And here is the video that Lindsey mentioned.  I didn't see this until after Charlotte earned her wings--to hear her laugh again brought so many emotions to the surface for me.  I find so much JOY knowing that in her time here on Earth she was the happiest of happy little girls.  


  1. Awww, what a sweet video. Her little laugh is priceless. <3

  2. OMG...She has the cutest laugh...EVER!! Love that sweet little girl.