Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Books for Charley {2}

I am SO SO SO excited to let you all know that TODAY is the official re-launch of Books for Charley!  We did this book collection in July last year, but with so many hard memories filling up the days of May, we thought that we needed a special way to "happy" things up a little.  And just to keep things interesting, we've made a few changes this year!

1)  While special little stickers will still be affixed to each book prior to donation, we've updated the appearance with the official Charley's Heart logo and link to the website.  (A special thanks to some great people who are more graphically inclined than myself who helped with the logo/sticker design!)

2)  Last year all donations went to Omaha Children's Hospital and to the Avera Pediatric Specialty Clinic here in Sioux Falls.  While we will most definately continue giving back to the facilities that did so much for our family, I couldn't help but think "Why stop there?!"  I am thrilled to let you all know that this year Books for Charley is GROWING and allowing more heart families to give back to their HERO hospitals!  Donations sent my direction will go to the above mentioned locations, but there will also be three other collections taking place simultaneously.  More details on the special families involved coming in the next few days!

3)  A new way to donate!  Last year I got a lot of messages from people asking if they could send cash donations.  I get it--life is crazy busy (especially in the spring/summer time) and not everyone has time to go purchase books and wait in line at the post office.  In an effort to make monetary donations a little easier, we have added a PayPal donation link to the Charley's Heart website.  Details below in the How To Donate section.

We were totally blown away by the response that we got from all of you last year and hope that you will all consider donating again.  I got many messages throughout the year from families who were on the receiving end of Books for Charley, and I can tell you from their reports that each and every book helps bring smiles during stressful times!

I don't want to forget to thank all of you that continued to donate in the "off-season."  Thanks to your contributions we are starting this years Books for Charley collection with well over 200 books!  We also had an international donation with 55 books going to a Ronald McDonald House in Canada.

And just a reminder, these books are going to sick kiddos in hospital and clinic settings.  Because of this, we ask that you send NEW books only.  Less yucky germs that way! :) 

How to Donate:

 Local drop-offs:  Please email us at if you would like to coordinate a drop-off in the Omaha or Sioux Falls area.  For those of you who know any of my family members, you can reach out to them as well!

Harlan, IA drop-offs:  If you live in the Harlan area and would like to make a donation, my aunt has graciously offered to help with collections again this year.  Please contact her if you would like to coordinate a drop off.  I didn't want to include her personal info here on the blog so you can either email the address above and I'll get back to you, or look her up in the phone book (Jim and Jan Goeser).

Mailed donations:  Last year we had books come in from all over the country!  If you would like to send your donation through the mail, please use the address listed below.

Charley's Heart
7604 S. Hughes Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

PayPal:  Go to the Charley's Heart homepage and click on the "Donate Now" button on the right hand side of the screen.  From there it will guide you through the donation process.

I wish that all of you could see the smile on my face right now.  Little Charley Bear, we're going to make you proud!!!

On your mark....Get Set....GO!   Book collections START NOW!

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