Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lettin' it ALL Out

Alright...I've hit my secret keeping limit.  My will power has been stretched about as far as it can stretch.  The flood gates are about to burst wide open.  While many of you may already know some of the following information, I have to ask the rest of you.....

Are you ready for some BIG secret reveals?!?!?!?  
Yes, I said revealS as in multiple secrets.

Here we go!

Secret #1

Yup, that there is a SOLD sign.  
A sold sign that sits on a lot that belongs to Mathew and Kristen Ritchie!
A sold sign that stakes our claim on 3.2 acres of land that we will one day call home.
A sold sign that represents so many new beginnings for our family.
(Wanna know how good I am at keeping secrets?  This picture was taken back in OCTOBER!)

Secret #2

Said sold sign photographed above is in NEBRASKA!  
(I just got a huge smile on my face as I typed that!)
We always knew that we would eventually make it back that direction, and when my sister Jill told us about this lot last year we knew that we had to jump on it.  
Nebraska = both of our families and lots of incredible friends
...just the support system we need.

Secret #3

I quit my job.  Well, maybe a better way to say that is that I decided not to renew my contract for next year and as of June 21st I am officially unemployed.  My current plan is to take a few months of maternity leave (though I don't think its still called "leave" when you are simply jobless) and during that time also do a little job hunting.  If anyone knows of any pharmacy positions, keep me in mind!  Or if any of you are just dying to pay me to stay at home with "Franklin," I would settle for that, too!

Secret #4

Matt quit his job.  Haha...ok, so thats totally untrue, BUT there is a job change in his future.  Matt has officially accepted a new position with Cardinal Health that will begin this summer.  New job.  Same company.  No "quitting" involved...simply a transfer.

Secret #5

You may have guessed that're all pretty smart.
We sold our house in Sioux Falls in August.
We've been living in a rental since September.
We bought a lot in Nebraska in October.
Since then we've been waiting....
Good things come to those who wait, right?

Our very tentative plan is to be back in Nebraska toward the end of June (right before "Franklin" is born).  The lot above is still stands empty so there will be another rental in our future while we wait for construction to start/finish on our new home.
Do you have any idea how good it feels to use the words "OUR" and "HOME" in the same sentence again?  

Needless to say, we are excited.  Excited to finally feel like we are taking some productive steps forward.  Excited to start the next chapter of our lives--though still clinging so desperately to the previous.  The next few months are without a doubt going to be stressful with a move, a baby and a new job all happening at the same time, but we know that we'll be taken care of.  We know that the chaos is temporary and that its all a part of God's crazy plan for our family.  Having said that, prayers for our sanity are always welcome!!


Anyone know of any houses for rent?  Here's our list of "needs/wants:"
-Lincoln or WAY western Omaha with quick interstate access
-Fenced yard for our crazy pups (a MUST)
-Possibility of less than a 1 year lease (not a deal breaker)
-2+ car garage (again, not a deal breaker)

We're actually headed back to Nebraska this weekend and are checking out a house in Lincoln.  Its a cozy little place, just slightly bigger than the rental we are in now, but perfect for our short term needs.  We'll see how it all pans out.  In the mean time, keep us in mind if you see any "FOR RENT" signs out and about.  

Whew!  That was a lot of sharing!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting! There is a pharmacist position open here in New Bern, NC....... ;)

  2. Tempting...but that might not accomplish our goal of being closer to family! I'll keep in in mind though :)